Cavern Pub


Lisa started playing bass guitar back in the 90’s when the idea of a band came up, a bass player was needed because the drummer position was already spoken for by her dad, an ‘original’ drummer from the 60’s supporting acts like Brian Poole and the Tremloes, Eric Burden and the Animals, I mean how could she even get close to doing what her dad did behind a kit! From 1995 Lisa, Duncan and her dad with various other muso’s who came and went gigged around Melbourne doing 50/60’s rock n roll music at Weddings, parties, anything really !

Her heart & soul, however, was always with drums and when BackBeat started up early 2006 after Wayne and Duncan had visited the 2005 Beatles Festival, Adelaide, came up with the Cavern/Hamburg era idea, there was no stopping her…. Some of her favourite drummers include Cindy Blackman (Jazz drummer also rocks for Lenny Kravitz), Keith Moon (The Who) and of course Ringo.