Wayne’s Dad was an accomplished drummer in the late 40‘s through the 50‘s and early 60‘s, having his own band and playing regularly in the dance halls around inner Melbourne. Wayne learned the drums at school, but lacked the discipline and patience to practice and decided to play footy instead.
Move forward 25-odd years and when Duncan got the idea for Backbeat, he already had a drummer (Lisa) and now needed a bass guitarist – enter an unwitting Wayne…
While attending the 2005 Australian Beatles festival, Duncan managed to convince Wayne (after a few too many pints) to play bass guitar in the new band.
Upon returning home (with a shocking hangover I might add) Wayne found himself a Hofner violin bass and began to practice. Wayne this time found the discipline and patience to practice, practice, practice and after 3 short months of 5am starts for an hour each Monday-Friday, plus endless tutoring from Duncan and the compulsory Thursday evening practice sessions with the whole band, Wayne played his first gig as a musician.
Despite the occasional “what key is this in again?”, Wayne is now an accomplished bass guitarist in his own right.